When will matchmaking be fixed halo mcc

The team is working out the final details and will share the plan here on Halo Waypoint in the near future.

  • MCC Patch Notes: 9/20/ | Halo: The Master Chief Collection | Forums | Halo - Official Site.
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is finally getting an update to fix its infamous matchmaking woes;
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The development team will be monitoring these systems closely and as always, feedback is welcomed. Due to the extensive nature of this update and major changes to playlists, all prior playlist rankings have been reset. All Spartans will now start fresh so party up and get to it!

Halo the Master Chief Collection Multiplayer Matchmaking not working

The focus and priorities of this first update were driven in large part by feedback directly from the community. There are a few different channels available to provide feedback to the MCC team. The easiest and most efficient way to share your feedback is via the official MCC forums here on Halo Waypoint. If you're passionate about Halo and want to have a voice in the future of the franchise, please consider joining the HCFP!

While there, you can also check out other channels to discuss anything and everything related to Halo, find teammates, and more. Members of the team and some official community moderators will be both active and lurking so stop by and say hi! Naturally we'll still leverage channels like the in-game message-of-the-day and the forums here on Halo Waypoint but we're always exploring ways to communicate even better with the community.

MCC: Updated, Enhanced, and AVAILABLE WITH Xbox Game Pass

Bookmark this page to stay up to speed on ongoing work and please share any feedback you have as we continue to refine this new resource. Of course, many of you regularly engage with members of the team via social networks like Twitter or by posting on external sites like the official Halo subreddit. The team does its best to monitor all of these channels but due to the large volume of discussions it's not always feasible to catch or respond to every post. We have two special exclusive lobby nameplates being worked on - one for everyone in the MCC Insider Program left image below and one for Insider "MVPs" who were extra active, helpful and involved during the program right image below.

Here's a work-in-progress glimpse of each:. These folks have gone above and beyond the call of duty — devoting dozens of hours working in direct partnership with our test team to chase down and work through some tricky issues that arose on the path to release.

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For now, the MCC Insider Program is going into cryo-sleep and the existing Insider game build will be decommissioned in early September. Going forward, there will be additional updates that will require additional community testing via public flights. This was an apology to the world for the absolute mess that was Halo MCC. Personally though, I didn't want new content.

I wanted a game that worked.

  • 343 Industries shows off what the new and improved MCC can do;
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  • New Features.
  • [Locked] MCC Patch Notes: 9/20/2018!
  • Cool, It Looks Like 343 Has Fixed Halo MCC (Matchmaking Fixed, and 4K Update).
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Regardless of the patches made, things didn't really work. I imagine this was a by-product of weekly releases on such a large game. While games did start now, they sometimes started uneven, so a group of 7v7 might start 9v5 or something strange. The game was still filled with bugs and queue times for most playlists took minutes. There was only a few playlists even possible to get a game in under 5 minutes and even then the bugs started. The game might just crash during load, freeze for no reason, end at some random kill value IE 30, instead of 50 and filled with network issues.

Cool, It Looks Like Has Fixed Halo MCC (Matchmaking Fixed, and 4K Update) | IGN Boards

Custom games were an entirely different beast of bugs, you couldn't join a game in progress! This meant that if you started a game with 4 friends and another got online, you would have to end the game and go back to the lobby. This meant balancing the mess that was joining friends just to start the game.

As months went on, new games came out and the population in Halo MCC suffered. I think I downloaded the game again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Flynn2Doucet , Aug 27, I still love hopping on every now and then for some H2. Can't wait to play this! Electroacoustic , Aug 27, After 10 years they finally fixed it. Now 4 people can return back, bringing the total of 6 players worldwide.

TrooltheTrollLegend , Aug 27, Totally going to check out the enhancements.

TheVert , Aug 27, I haven't played 2 in forever but I'd still wreck everyone here. AssassinAltair , Aug 27, Have they added a custom game server browser? I played Halo PC religiously for like 10 months because of that feature and honestly it was the only time I actually had fun with this series.

Aug 28, B-Mitch , Aug 28, Nice I might try the games again to play in 4k. LewisHamilton44 , Aug 28, NintendoNick and LewisHamilton44 like this. NintendoNick , Aug 28, Last edited by NintendoNick , Aug 28, I actually want to play this. Fuhgeddit , Aug 28, Turok , Aug 28, It looks gorgeous in 4k.

Halo MCC Fix Update #3! MCC Matchmaking Stress Test MCC Insider Program!