Dating documents forensics

The proposed tests are minimally invasive, the latter two involving the placement of pinhole perforations in the text, paper and signatures on the Original Document. The pinholes themselves are not typically easily visible unless the document is held up to light, and the testing has no negative effect on handwriting analysis.

All of the proposed testing follows Court approved testing methods, e. Under appropriate circumstances, the Court may order destructive testing of all or some portion of the physical item in question.

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Inks appearing on questioned documents may be examined for the purpose of comparing with other inks on the same document, with ink on other documents or even with ink in seized pens. Sequence of entry can sometimes be determined. Questions regarding manufacturer, pen, pen type, ink age, backdating, fraud and forgery can often be answered by Larry Stewart, Global Forensic Services, LLC.

Non-destructive techniques used in the analysis of inks involve microscopic examinations and the use of various wavelengths of radiation e.


Although useful in the elimination of some inks, these techniques are not as definitive as destructive techniques, in which small discs are removed from the ink lines. By utilizing destructive techniques, it is possible to determine if two inks on the same or different documents are of the same formulation or if the ink on a document and the ink in a seized pen are of the same formulation.

By comparing with a library of ink standards it is possible to determine the manufacturer of the ink and the date it was introduced useful in detecting backdated documents. All evidence should be inventoried and submitted with the request letter outlining the writing ink analysis.

Specify the entries in question and include a notation to indicate that a comparison is to be made between certain inks or between inks on documents and inks in writing pens. Sometimes the date of a written ink entry on its own or else relative to other entries on the same document is questioned. Some Methods for Dating Photocopied documents 1 By comparing the unique photocopy damage pattern that changes over time, to a series of documents of unquestioned date from the same office.

Some Methods for Dating Computer Generated documents 1 Examination of the computer and hard drives that created the document.

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What is necessary to make a signature examination? The original questioned document or the best generation copy available; also undisputed known signatures of the alleged signatory as contemporaneous with the date on the questioned document as possible.

Can a signature examination be conducted from only a microfilm or facsimile copy? Yes, again the original is best if available. What are good sources for known signatures? In many states we can obtain the last several drivers license applications as known signatures for use in comparison to a questioned document.

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This is especially useful when the other party is not available or refuses to produce known signatures. Can an examination be conducted to restore a document that has been damaged or faded? Yes, we can restore information on documents which have been damaged by fire, water, heat or sunlight. Is it possible to detect the removal of a warning label from a product? Yes, it is also sometimes possible to determine if an attempt has been made to conceal its removal.

Questioned document examination

A lot of people have handled the document, can I still get fingerprints from it? Yes, paper is a very good source for fingerprints. Fingerprints will stay on paper for several years and the presence of contaminating prints does not preclude an identification. My document is a number of years old.

Can I still get fingerprints? Yes, fingerprints will stay on paper for several years.