Pisces man and aquarius woman dating

This can either compliment the Piscean man's caring, gently and calm personality, or can cause sparks. The Piscean man's ability to be a good listener plays a very vital role in this relationship. He is able to strengthen the relationship by reading her mind and tolerating her antics. The Aquarius woman on the other hand will spill her attitude and thoughts on the Piscean man and is usually in need of the "anchor " to be in place in her life. Putting his ego aside is the Piscean man's asset in this fiery relationship.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man - The Blackbook

This virtue will help Aquarius woman to tune her feelings and emotions for the better of the relationship. The Pisces man is the romantic while the Aquarius woman is the wild one. Sexually, they can be a dream match. If the Aquarius woman takes charge in the bed, there are no surprises. Although there will be no need for words in this heavenly and steamy physical bond, they are at mercy of a strong mental connection.

The Piscean man needs to realize that his partner is what he had always dreamt of and is to be treasured for life. The Aquarius woman on the other hand not only needs to help the Piscean man to realize this, but also needs to bring her love for life into the relationship with an open mind. Arguments can be a common thing in this beautiful mismatch. The Aquarius woman can sometimes find the Piscean man to be too dreamy. Unknowingly, the Piscean man may send across the vibe of complacency, even when he feels the exact opposite from within. On the other hand, the Piscean man may find the Aquarius woman very cold and rude, which may infuse the fear of losing someone special within him.

Definitely you have to winning our trust, be our best friend and at the same time be always interesting for research we like new things and don't wont to get boring. We like to do things for others but we don't wont to be pushed or rule by the others, free will. In sex we like wild and sensitive at the same time, we like to feel passion.

Like to be at the center, to read our mind. We don't say what we want, we don't recognizing when we are in love, but we are always around the man we love. Sometime we are like child, not thinking before we say something but we have good soul and we never have intention to hurt.

Aquarius Woman – Pisces Man

We don't like to break the promise, so we never give it if we are not sure. We like good looking man, intelligent, good listener, is always there when you need help, and you have to give us time for falling in love. We don't like jealousy and possessiveness. Hello, I'm a Pisces guy. I have a question: Why aqua girls are so irresistible? Because it seems like they spark a lot of unlimited positive energy and have tons of confidence.

And I think that's what made me fell in love so hard with this aqua girl that I met few months ago. She has a sharp mind, wise and stands by her own principles but yet is very-very beautiful.

The Pisces Experience: Pisces&Aquarius Compatibility

Now we are good friends. I want to tell her how I feel for her. But I'm afraid if I wasn't good enough for her. I'm a Pisces guy I have met a aqua girl and the first time I laid eyes on her I've liked her I've read a lot about Pisces and Aquarians always having a bad relationships but me and her really like each other so ive lost hope in our relationship any advice on what to do? I have been good friends with a Pisces guy for a few years and even though he pursued me romantically I never gave in. We didn't talk for a while because I told him I was in a serious relationship and I know I broke his heart but I didn't want to lead him on.

I've been attracted to him it was just bad timing. Long story short I broke up with my ex and one day decided to give him a call and let him know that he has been on my mind a lot and that I was ready to be with him physically. It was breath taking.

Pisces Man - Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

I've never been this physically and emotionally satisfied with another human being. He knows what I want without asking. We just lye next to each other for hours and talk. We talk about everything. He says I have him all of him.

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I'm happy but afraid at the same time because I don't want to mess anything up. He still can't believe that he finally has me but I'm not going anywhere. I'm a sensitive Piscean man falling deep for this lovely bright and charming Aquarian lady. I agree and I have to admit it is in her that I find my own strength. She gives me that sense of security I crave for. I felt it since the very first day we met. When I looked into her eyes they were sparkling and left me amazed.

And every now and then each time I see her deep down inside I feel I'm regaining my strength back. It feels like finding my missing half.

No other woman had ever done such thing to me before. Only that water bearer lady can save this fish. I need her in my life. And I think I'm gonna go for her trying to win her trust as her confidant-friend first. Thanx for the advice. It was hard to communicate but the chemistry was so strong. While she asked me to start to trust her by giving the space that she'd need whenever she wants it. Since then, she always let me know every time she needs her free space.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

At first, it was hard for me just to let her have it alone, because I always want to stay beside her. She belongs to me. She's the other part of my soul. But then I learnt to let her because I want to make her happy.


She always have a bunch of new ideas. And the roles that we play in our little dream world is indescribable. So, to make it short, the key ingredients for this match are: I Aquarius woman have been dating a Pisces man for a two months now.

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He is unlike any man I have ever dated. Sweet, funny, down to earth, and very caring He was hurt tonight, not by me but his daughter and he kinda shut off of me when we were together. I took this as my queue to back off and give him space. I too feel a little hurt that he pulled away but yet, I told him that I was there for him if he needed, so I did what I could. I pray he will respect my choosing to give him alone time to suss out his feelings. MY patience is short unfortunately, so he better not wallow too much. I want to be with him as much as he does with me but time and space intrude on that.

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In time, I hope to be closer to him, but I don't know how yet. Guess I'll figure it out later He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not Pisces men only want you when they cant have you. I got introduced to a Piscean through a friend for some work only on phone and started speaking to this Piscean guy who did not appear to be very forthcoming. Contrary to what some of you mention, don't think he came about openly showing his feelings.