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But interesting at first.

I find it difficult to get comfortable with guys unless they take it really slow. He is bad with money, I am good with money. He sometimes has crazy ideas, I keep them in check. Its hard to love an ESTJ, but we are loyal and we will be honest and eventually very dedicated. Its nice to have someone who can make you laugh, is extremely warm and outgoing to compliment you. The King Of Dreams. However, he does have some misogynistic views that I vehemently disagree with.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. P Overall, it's the best and most fulfilling relationship I've been in so far. Not just romantically, but also as a friendship. Everything Christina said was spot on. Originally Posted by Christina Baworowsky. GreenCoyote thanked this post. Ahiko Can't wait to hear more! We met when we were I crashed a party at his house and he was the random, nerdy, computer science major who liked video games. At the time, I was just an avid socialite, going to every party I could to meet people and make friends.

We were both in our own frat and sorority. I'm also a nerd, too. I loved playing video games so I would literally spend most of my time watching him play haha. He was really friendly, so I never thought much of him, but there was always a mutual "good friendship" connection. As friends, we were great together. We would seem to gravitate toward each other with talking and conversations. The conversations were always good and happy. I did end up rejecting him three times because I wasn't ready for a relationship.

He gave up for a bit, but after not seeing or talking from Halloween to New Year's, we started talking again and I finally gave him a chance.

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It was worth the wait and all the rejection. They embrace harmony and project immense enthusiasm. They have excellent communication and people skills. ENFPs, being very good with people themselves, certainly enjoy their company.

Extraversion and Extraversion

They are very good at gathering information and analyzing it. They are action-oriented and are highly organized.

They respect the idea of a system, but have an ability to retain their insightful view towards everything. The result, a good bonding between these two types.

ESTJ in 4 Minutes

They like to lead a meaningful life. They are not very much into people as much as they are into ideas and theories. In this pair, one is a speaker, the other is a listener. One is a champion, the other a healer. Both of them are people-oriented and seek harmony in any relationship.

There's a pretty good chance of them hitting off. They are self-confident and are always on the lookout for something new.

They love socializing, and can approach all kinds of people with uncompromising charm and confidence. They sometimes tend to look at people objectively and insensitively, which is a bit intolerable for ENFPs.

ENFP Relationship Compatibility With Other Personality Types

They value planning and structuring. They are generally assertive and not very good with emotions. They have a leadership quality and love taking charge when situations go bad. They are good at handling people by communicating with them in an efficient manner.

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They have a tendency to detach themselves in stressful situations, which might not go well with ENFPs. They are action-oriented, and believe in the power of 'doing' rather than 'thinking'. Their approach towards life is serious and focused. They love experiencing new things, and are often impulsive.

ENFP and ESTJ – Compatibility, Relationships, and Friendships

Although, they tend to become over impulsive at times, resulting in commitment issues. Their 'swim with the tide' approach might be a little too much for ENFPs. They are serious in their approach, and expect the same from others. They are not the emotional kind, too. Free spirited ENFPs might find it somewhat difficult to blend with them. Things may be a little tricky with this pairing. They are practical and problem solvers. They are not very comfortable with handling emotions.

ENFPs may not find them too appealing. Although they are talkative and outgoing, they might not be very enthusiastic on the emotional side. ENFPs are unlikely to be compatible with them. A judger and a perceiver can surprisingly get along pretty well. The judger prefers to make plans, and the perceiver has little problem with deferring. The ENFP prefers to leave time for decisions instead of coming to an immediate conclusion.

The ENFP prefers new experiences and flexible possibilities to predictable moments. The ESTJ prefers judging to perceiving.

The ESTJ prefers structure, routine, and planning things out versus being spontaneous. The ESTJ wants to bring structure, order, and organization to their environment. Extraversion and Extraversion Two extraverts will both get energized by being around people. Sensing and Intuition A sensor and an intuitive will face some challenges in conversation. Thinking and Feeling A thinker and a feeler can make for an interesting dynamic.