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Since its launch in France five months ago, happn claims to have garnered , users. And within five weeks of launching in the UK, 25, people have signed up.

Why are straight men using lesbian dating sites? Best romantic chocolates for a first date.

The 6 Best French Dating Sites & Apps (Find Love in Paris!)

Tinder's trying to empower women - but it isn't working. Apple App Store generates 85pc more revenue than Google Play. So what exactly is a dating app? In the old days online dating was an arduous business that involved writing long profiles and filling in elaborate questionnaires. Signing up is simple. All you have to do is supply the skimpiest of personal information and your Facebook network , upload a picture or two, and — bingo! That dream partner could be anybody in your vicinity — the craggy TV cameraman picking out an avocado at Tesco while you inspect the asparagus, the pretty lawyer sitting opposite you on the Tube to work.

Why not simply say hello?

Dating apps: can the French make it happn? - Telegraph

So how does it work? When you cross paths with a fellow user, wherever you are, their profile photo pops up on your phone. If you click on it a small map comes up showing roughly where your paths crossed, along with their scant personal details generally just their first name, age and profession. If you fancy the person, you click on a small red heart known as a Like. She believes that conventional dating filters based on common interests are less likely to throw up eligible males than the newer location-based apps.

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Are dating apps exciting or scary? Will they make us more lonely or less? If your friends are married and rarely introduce you, what other option is there but the internet? In our mid 40s, we are both looking for amour. Will we find that much desired coup de foudre or will we be wallflowers in our own town? You can see why people love mobile dating apps. We only have one run-in, when Lily insists I leave the age range open. I dash to the window, incredulous that these loveless pipsqueaks should be roaming my neighbourhood.

The street is pin-drop quiet. In just three days more than profiles come up. While I perform dull tasks like buying soap powder and ringing the council, men of all descriptions pour into my iPhone like molten lava — sporty, solvent-sounding men whose numbers shoot up whenever I step into busy parts of town. In Shoreditch, where happn reports high traffic, my timeline goes into overdrive. Occasionally I spot a fellow something, but most are so young I feel a motherly urge to tell them off: In Spitalfields Market I scroll through more profiles. There are men in ski goggles, men hugging dogs and painting murals.

Dating apps: can the French make it happn?

Casilda Grigg writes a style blog about the French in London called whostolemycroissant. One obvious issue is my age. So happn, how did this happen?

But Facebook abhors a vacuum. So instead of leaving my age blank, the elves in Silicon Valley have given me a default birthday: Several young beauties have crossed my path in the last 10 minutes, including Sue, 24, CEO of a design company, and Ellie, 23, a Chelsea Football Club official.

At Daunt Books on the Fulham Road a pretty blonde tips me a sweet smile. Only on eDarling, the test is mandatory — and lengthy. Part of the Parisian singles scene?


When both people are feeling the love, a match is created and you can send messages to each other. But if you swipe a lot, you may want to get Tinder Plus to avoid the frustration that comes when Tinder forces you to take a break once you hit your quota. Tinder Plus includes all these perks:. Tinder offers one other upgrade opportunity: Either way — instant match.

Date a French man or a beautiful French woman, always at the French way!

Want even more Tinder info? Happn is about as location based as an app gets — specifically, meters. Anytime another user passes that close to you, the app displays their profile in your Timeline. That suggestion is then available for any users in that magical meter radius for the next 6 hours. If they accept, it opens the doors for a date!